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Obama Unveils His 2016 NCAA March Madness Bracket

March madness 2016 is on its peak, entire America is unified with the excitement. Even President Obama has not remained untouched with the madness. Soon after the release of NCAA tournament bracket on 13th march 2016, President’s own March Madness 2016 bracket too was released by ESPN’S Sports Center on Wednesday.


President Barack Obama Pick:

President’s picks to win the NCAA men’s basketball tournament are the Kansas Jayhawks, along with UNC, Michigan State and Texas A&M as the four teams that will be making it to Final Four. The pick is quite challenging to lot of March Madness 2016 predictions.
Seeing the previous records it has always been quiet clear with the President’s team selection picks that he has a tendency to pick the top ranked teams. But this time a different side of his choices can be seen as Michigan State is a No. 2 seed and Texas A&M is a No.3 seed. He has picked Kansas Jayhawks for the third time that has never taken the title home. Hence the President too seems to be in a mood of taking risks this time. This may be because he is free from the pressure of electoral politics and making his picks with a peaceful mind.

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President Barack Obama Pick for Women’s Tournament

Talking about NCAA Women’s basketball Tournament, UCon is the President’s pick for winning the tournament along with Notre Dam, Florida State and South Carolina as teams that are going to make to the Final Four. Ucon is a good and safe pick since it is a team which has been the winner in straight three championships.

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But for those who are planning to follow Obama’s bracket as their own bets, perhaps it is not going to be a good decision. Just once in his presidency his March Madness predictions were accurate and were able to successfully predict the winner of the tournament that was in 2009 when North Carolina won the tournament.

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