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NCAA March Madness 2016 Latest Predictions [Must Check]

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The March Madness is the name given to the annual extravaganza, the national level basketball tournament in US. The NCAA is responsible for organising this tournament which features currently 68 college basketball team from US. It is a single elimination tournament which is played during the spring, mostly in the month of March with height of madness, hence the name March Madness. Also the frenzy surrounding this event is so much that there are lot of stakes and celebrations revolved around this event. Let's get some history about March Madness and then we'll see the prediction of March Madness 2016?


How did it begin?

The tournament was created in 1939 by NABC which was the brainchild of famous Ohio State University coach Harold Olsen.

What makes March Madness unique?

The teams selection consists of 32 Division I conference teams which are automatically selected and 36 teams which receive at-large berths. The 36 teams which receive at large berths are selected by the NCAA selection committee. Then they are organised into a "single elimination bracket" which aims at predicting which team will win and which will it face the next. This makes the March Madness event unique and has given rise to many new basketball champions from US.

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Which are the most well known teams?

UCLA having won the most championships is one of the most famous team. The University of Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke University and Indiana University are some of the other famous teams which have made their presence in the March Madness.

March Madness 2016 predictions

As mentioned before 32 teams will get an auto bid and 36 teams will be decided by the NCAA selection committee. Now after their bidding, there are ranks ( namely they are seeded) attached to them. There are bets placed on as which how they are going to fare in the tournament and how they are going to be seeded. Here we will bring out some bold predictions from the 'bracketology' results.

The Kansas, The Villanova, The Miami and The Xavier are the expected top seeds from the four different regions of US. Kansas and Villanova are tied on winning the most number of matches in the March Madness 2016. They respectively have 40% and 45% chances of being automatically selected in the event which are fair amount of chances considering other teams chances. If selected its almost sure shot that all these teams are going to be the best seeds from the 4 different regions of US. However, placed on the strong team performance, Xavier is expected to win most number of matches in the tournament.

Virginia, Michigan St, Oregon and Oklahoma are the expected second seeds in the tournament. The chances of getting them automatically selected are 24%, 36%, 16% and 18% respectively.

Among the possible second seeds, Michigan St have the most chances of making it to the top albeit to their strong team performance.

North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia represent the possible third seeds which can make it to the tournament. Among them Indiana possibly represents the well balanced team and is expected to be supreme among the third seeds. However, both the second and third seeded teams are equally good. The only reason why they are seeded so is only because of the people's notion. On the field, all these teams are equally capable of giving a tough time to other teams.

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The top 5 seeded  teams have a good chances of making it automatically into the tournament without having the need to go through the selection process of the NCAA committee.
As with all seasons there are some teams which are to look out for even though they have a lower ranking. Arizona is one such team which has managed to grab the spotlight this year. This has resulted in making Arizona having a strong 32% chance of automatically making it to the tournament. Also they are expected to win a majority of their matches and cause a major disruption in the prediction. Same is the case with Wichita St and Valparaiso. Don’t forget to look out for these teams.

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As of now based on the past performance and their current team on paper, the Kansas looks the strongest contender for winning the March Madness 2016. However nothing can be said as the game wins and losses are known to bring out the best even from the lowly rated teams. Who knows a underdog team might well turn on the tides this year. Be sure to stay focused and look out for more news. Stay Updated with us for latest March Madness 2016 Updates.

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