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NCAA March Madness 2016 Bracket Live!

March has come and only the basketball lovers know that what it is all about. For those who don’t, get aware that this is the season of college basketball thunder. And the calmness you are experiencing in the environment is the calm before the storm. The days are still not quite as the March Madness 2016 bracket is still the reason to heat the season. The hypothetical outlines are shattering over the web, prediction are booming in debate to mark their favorite team and fits them into the bubble of bracketology of March Madness 2016.

Each part of this grand NCCA college basketball championship is equally thrilling and exciting. Just before the actual madness begins, the bracket reveal is almost have same level of elation as when the big dance begins. This is the part where the prediction got kicked off, keen and expert hypothetical got failed or rewarded some time. But at the end, the bubble place is occupy by the team that shows potential and have equivalent strength to match-ups down the road. These bracket days build up the hype level of the madness.

March Madness 2016 Bracket

The official Bing bracket

This year’s official ‘bracketologist’ of the NCAA college basketball championship is Bing. The Bing use to predict the comprehensive statistical data and game match-ups close to the official bracket of It must be known that Bing is creating the intelligent tools under the hood NCAA March Madness bracket experience that will analyze social and search signals, NCCA statistical data that surely be helpful for the events mad fans to build up smarter bracket.


The Bing bracket provides intelligent big dance match predictions, analysis and additional features that help both the novice lover and die-hard basketball fans to make sensible possible outcomes for all 67 tournament games. Also NCAA built a universal windows 10 app so that you don’t miss any moment of this basketball madness. Stay up to date with us for more live action on upsets, overtimes and live video streaming of all 67 tournament games.

Wait till selection Sunday i.e. on March 13 to get Bing’s smarter bracket on your devices exclusively on And if you are so much eager to know  if your team will make it in to the tournament then search for your team on You will find out where Bing Predicts thinks your team stands.
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March Madness 2016 Bracket Challenge Game

March madness is just about to begin and to increase the temperature of the environment the NCAA bracket challenge is officially live. If you enter to this official game of NCCA you will get a chance to win one of the prizes including a grand prize which is a trip to 2017 final four.

It’s easy to play the game. You just need to register your first bracket in the official site of NCAA and create or join groups there. Also, if you are not sure about your first bracket then no need to worry- you can create up to five.

March Madness 2016 is considered as the most competitive and happiest time of year for basketball fans. Be a part of this challenge and leverage all the fun of this game.

Print your March Madness Brackets.

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