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March Madness 2016: Printable NCAA tournament bracket

The waiting time is over and the entire NCAA Tournament is now set. It is now the beginning of most exciting time of the sports calendar as it marks the starting of March Madness 2016 when entire America’s madness is on its peak. People who have been eagerly waiting for the NCAA tournament brackets to be out, their wait is now finally over.
The tournament brackets are used to track player’s picks for people’s office pools, or the other friendly competition. The process of predicting the field of college basketball participants in NCAA basketball tournament, which is commonly called tournament brackets is known as bracketology. The start of the March Madness tournament comes along with the start of America's one of the greatest tradition i.e. the office pool. There have been many instances when NCAA Tournament, office pools are won by the people who knows nothing and have never watched sports, yet they win, but brackets are the most essential elements to win any kind of betting.

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 So, the March Madness 2016 regular season is just finished and NCAA Division I men's selection committee has revealed the 68 teams who have made the 2016 men's basketball tournament. Here is the entire NCAA tournament official bracket with the entire 68 teams.

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After going through each team's profile the NCAA bracketologists have replaced Monmouth and South Carolina with the Wolverines and Orange. The Michigan Wolverines have remained in place of their replacements, even after they lost to the Purdue Boiler markers on Saturday. This times lineup has several potential and exciting rivalry matchups which includes:
Number 3 seed Texas A&M versus Number 6 seed Texas in the West, Number 4 seed Kentucky versus Number 5 seed Indiana in the East, And Michigan will take on Notre Dame if it can get by Tulsa in the First Four. 
The West seems like both the weakest and most entertaining region to be seen this season. . The West should be fun to watch, with aesthetically pleasing offensive-minded teams like the Ducks, Oregon, Texas, Baylor, Duke and Sooners State in the competition.
At number 1 position seeds Kansas, North Carolina, Virginia and Oregon. All three of them seem to have very strong possibilities of reaching Final Four in Houston. But in this season there will be several situations where smaller teams will have to face bigger and stronger opponents, hence no team can be assured of enthroning this Tournament. In fact it’s entirely possible that a team ignored by the Selection Committee will end up having a win over a team that has advanced deep into the Tournament.
Seeing the present brackets it’s now difficult to narrow down the team and player choices to just a few favorites. There may be situations that a time like Oregon, which has risen suddenly in rank and hasn’t been to a Final Four after winning the inauguration tournament of NCAA, could even make a run to the finals owing to its previous performance.
There may be chances where we will get to see some other mediocre team make a deep run in the tournament or may be team Kentucky will surprise by making a championship run one year after the 'Cats not snipping nets at season's end was a shock . Matchups can also be considered while filling out your bracket that surely helps you to win.
No matter whatever happens, this tournament is a kind of event that might reward someone with shrewd yet practical thinking.

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