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MARCH MADNESS 2016: Someone Leaked March Madness Bracket

The NCAA is upset after CBS’s two hour long show Selection Sunday was ruined after a tweet started circulating on twitter showing the complete and legitimate March Madness 2016 bracket before all the teams were officially announced. This was the first year when CBS dragged out a two hour long reveal show which initially used to be a brisk one hour show and then later was increased to 1 hour and eventually to two hour this year. It is being said that the leak was aided because of this overly stretched unwatchable duration of the show. People were skeptical of believing it first, but soon the information of leaked bracket turned out to be legit.

The bracket was tweeted by user named “Richie” and “Sarcastic Prick” and was being shared on twitter for almost 20 minutes after the start of 2 hour long broadcast by CBS  and  generated thousands of  re-tweets by other members of national media making the leak viral. The spoiler had plenty of time to be passed around given the lengthy 2 hour long NCAA selection show. It even frustrated the fans waiting eagerly to see where their favorite teams were headed. The spoiler was placed on twitter near the end of the first hour coverage. The coaches too were keeping an eye on it and even started preparing for their March Madness opponents before even CBS announced who they are.

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The spoiler turned out to be a great disaster for CBS Sports as it ruined the show that had 5.5 million viewers last year. This is the first time since 2010 when details of March Madness have been revealed by someone else other than CBS.
The NCAA said it is looking into the matter that how a copy of this year’s brackets got out without being officially announced.  “We go to great strengths to prevent the tournament field from being revealed and NCAA undertook all the required measures to prevent this from happening” a statement from the NCAA read.
This broadcast of CBS was widely criticized on social media. Some Kentucky players fell asleep during the show and others found out about their matchups early as a result of this viral news of the leaked bracket. Fans were complaining much than the leak. There was a segment where sports analyst Charles Barkley had trouble working on a touch screen, when the show wasn’t even done revealing who was the tourney.  The selection show made viewers to sit through the boring and tedious chatter, and looking at the present craze and everyone’s access to social media it was obvious for a coveted secret to get  spilled if you wait too long to tell it yourself.

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After the leak of the brackets people piled on the twitter with overall feeling of praising and thanking the people who saved them from losing their patience by sitting and waiting for the results throughout the show. Seems like people behind the bloated leak finally got what they deserved and CBS too learnt an important lesson that SHORTER IS SWEETER AND BETTER.
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