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15 Wildest Moments of March Madness 2016 First Week

The March Madness 2016 has finally begin  and it won’t be wrong to say that this Friday was the best Friday of first round of NCAA Men’s basketball Tournament.  It happened for the first time in the history of NCAA tournament that the teams seeding at No. 2, No.3 and No. 4 position lost the first rounds games and that too on the very first day of the tournament. In the same way teams seeding at No.13, No.14 and No.15 positions won the games which was very unbelievable for everyone.

Interesting Moments of March Madness 2016 First Week

This match offered us some very insanely interesting moments to see and 15 of such moments have been listed below.

  1. Since 1962 it was the first time in NCAA tournament that Yale was able, upset Baylor which was seeding at No.5 where a group of Ivy League students became lovable underdogs by turning up the unexpected situation for everyone.

  1. Arkanas Little rock was the team which even after having a first year coach and an entire bunch of transferred team members was able to upset Purdue, which was already seeding at No.5.

  1. Wichita State which almost wasn’t even able to make to the tournament miraculously crushed Arizona, the team at No.5 position, which must have cost Coach Sean Miller at least 2 dress shirts.

  1. Syracuse, a team which is not even considered of being eligible for being in the tournament crushed two teams i.e. Dayton and MTSU and successfully welcome to the 2016 Sweet 16.

  1. Middle Tennessee a team at No. 15 position managed to crush Michigan State, a team at No.2 position, which was the biggest upset in the history of the tournament as people were having too much expectations from Michigan State.

  1. Hawaii, seeding at No. 13 managed to grab its first ever victory in NCAA Tournament by taking down the Cal team which was already somehow injury plagued.

  1. Stephen. F Austin a team seeding at No.14 managed to crush West Virginia, a team at No.3 position.

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  1. Team Lowa was able to beat team Temple during an airballed shot in the first round itself.

  1. Texas was crushed by Northern Lowa with a half course buzzer beater by team member Paul Jesperson.

  1. Team Indiana managed to beat Kentucky team for the very first time after both the teams had stopped scheduling each other.

  1. Cincinnati’s Octavius Ellis seemed to have a game tying dunk against St. Joseph’s and lost by 78-76.

  1. Texas A&M over the final 33 seconds used a miraculous 14-2 rally and then also stun Northern lowa during the last minute.

  1. Stephen F .Austin was beaten by Notre Dame by a freshman who had never scored a point in any NCAA tournament.

  1. A game winning 3 pointer was drilled by Wisconsin’s as they crushed Xavier and made it to the sweet 16.

  1. It happened for the first time in 7 years that Villanova made out of the tournament during the first weekend only.
Whatever happened in the first weekend of NCAA tournament 2016 has been just too much for the people to absorb. The tournament was a roller coaster ride. Anytime it can take you up and any time it can throw you down. The excitement never went down and we are looking forward to having several such tournaments in future too.
Are you ready for this weekend thrill? Keep playing with us!

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