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NCAA Elite 8 Complete Schedule, Game Dates, Times & TV Schedule

In NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament “Elite 8” refers to the final 8 teams which also represents the national quarter finals or the regional finals. Elite eight can also refer to the eight NCAA Division 1 baseball teams that reach the college world series. In Division 1, the Elite Eight consists of two teams each from the four regional championship games separately. The winners advance to the Final Four. In Division 2 the Elite 8 consists of 8 winners of eight Division 2 winners. The Division 2 Elite games are held at one per-determined location. On an average three out of four #1 seeds make it to the Elite 8 each year.

The NCAA or the National Collegiate Athletic Association Men's Basketball Tournament is a single elimination tournament which is played during each spring in the United States, and currently features 68 college basketball teams. The tournament is held to determine the national championship among the major college basketball teams. The first three weeks of March Madness 2016 exceeded all the expectations. Specially the first weekend turned out to be so unpredictable and exciting which happened never before in the history of NCAA Basketball tournament.
After 3 weeks of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2016, it is quiet clear that the “Elite 8” group is mostly influenced by the team leading at top seeds. The only teams that have managed to make to the Elite 8 and have never been seeded No. 1 or No. 2 are Notre Dame and Syracuse. On the other hand it also has top seeding team like Kansas that hasn’t lost any match in nearly 2 months. It expected to be another fun weekend for the college basketball fans.

Elite Eight Schedule 2016

Below are March Madness programming schedule and broadcasting information for the Saturday's Elite 8 games going to be held across the South and West brackets as was announced by Turner Sports and CBS Sports
6:09 PM ET
8:49 PM ET
6:09 PM ET
8:49 PM ET

Elite Eight Live Streaming 2016 

All of the above matches can also be seen online through live streaming on CBS’s March Madness Live website and March Madness app for mobile devices and tablets.
It is the first time that CBS pays good-bye to the NCAA Tournament in years with reference to the game coverage part of it as it is not going to broadcast all the matches this year, , on Saturday. It's the first time the NCAA finals will broadcast on TBS which is considered a sort of cable channel.
In addition to these DIRECT TV  has also launched an interactive, on screen bracket app through which the fans can make their picks by just turning to the respective channel 701. Then they can just turn back to channel 702 to check how their predictions turned out to be. And watch DIRECT TV’S mix channel coverage, which will be featuring TNT, TBS and TRUTV all three combined on one screen.

Sweet Sixteen 2016 Schedule | March Madnesss 2016

After the insane first weekend of NCAA March Madness 2016, here comes the Sweet Sixteen 2016 of the tournament. Click here to check the 15 Wildest Moments of March Madness 2016 First Week.

Anyway, here is the complete schedule of Sweet Sixteen 2016.

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Sweet Sixteen Schedule 2016

Sweet Sixteen schedule (Eastern Times)

Thursday, March 24

No. 2 Villanova vs. No. 3 Miami (7:10 p.m., CBS)
No. 2 Oklahoma vs. No. 3 Texas A&M (7:37 p.m., TBS)
No. 1 Kansas vs. No. 5 Maryland (9:40 p.m., CBS)
No. 4 Duke vs. No. 1 Oregon (10:07 p.m., TBS)

Friday, March 25

No. 1 Virginia vs. No. 4 Iowa State (7:10 p.m., CBS)
No. 6 Notre Dame vs. No. 7 Wisconsin (7:27 p.m., TBS)
No. 10 Syracuse vs. No. 11 Gonzaga (9:40 p.m., CBS)
No. 1 North Carolina vs. No. 5 Indiana (9:57 p.m., TBS)

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NCAA March Madness 2016 & Sweet 16 Gear & Apparels

The most memorable four days of NCAA Men’s 20 16 tournament just got finished. The first week big dance showed us some crazy and some insane moves in the game; taking the excitement to a newer level. Click here to check 15 Wildest Moments of March Madness 2016 First Week

The college basketball fans are just getting a three day gap to relax before they start cheering again for their favorite team. The next roar begins with NCAA 2016 Sweet 16 games which are to be held on Thursday and Friday and what else could be better than wearing you favorite team’s T shirt. Yes, it’s absolutely cool to cheer up your favorite team in their theme.

NCAA March madness T-shirt
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The 2016 NCAA Final Four begins on April 2 from, and finishes with the Championship Game on Monday, April 4. This shirt says, “The Road Ends Here.” marking the end of the championship tournament. It is 100% cotton and features screen print graphics in front as well as at back. You can get your pair from here, hurry!

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15 Wildest Moments of March Madness 2016 First Week

The March Madness 2016 has finally begin  and it won’t be wrong to say that this Friday was the best Friday of first round of NCAA Men’s basketball Tournament.  It happened for the first time in the history of NCAA tournament that the teams seeding at No. 2, No.3 and No. 4 position lost the first rounds games and that too on the very first day of the tournament. In the same way teams seeding at No.13, No.14 and No.15 positions won the games which was very unbelievable for everyone.

Interesting Moments of March Madness 2016 First Week

This match offered us some very insanely interesting moments to see and 15 of such moments have been listed below.

  1. Since 1962 it was the first time in NCAA tournament that Yale was able, upset Baylor which was seeding at No.5 where a group of Ivy League students became lovable underdogs by turning up the unexpected situation for everyone.

  1. Arkanas Little rock was the team which even after having a first year coach and an entire bunch of transferred team members was able to upset Purdue, which was already seeding at No.5.

  1. Wichita State which almost wasn’t even able to make to the tournament miraculously crushed Arizona, the team at No.5 position, which must have cost Coach Sean Miller at least 2 dress shirts.

  1. Syracuse, a team which is not even considered of being eligible for being in the tournament crushed two teams i.e. Dayton and MTSU and successfully welcome to the 2016 Sweet 16.

  1. Middle Tennessee a team at No. 15 position managed to crush Michigan State, a team at No.2 position, which was the biggest upset in the history of the tournament as people were having too much expectations from Michigan State.

  1. Hawaii, seeding at No. 13 managed to grab its first ever victory in NCAA Tournament by taking down the Cal team which was already somehow injury plagued.

  1. Stephen. F Austin a team seeding at No.14 managed to crush West Virginia, a team at No.3 position.

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  1. Team Lowa was able to beat team Temple during an airballed shot in the first round itself.

  1. Texas was crushed by Northern Lowa with a half course buzzer beater by team member Paul Jesperson.

  1. Team Indiana managed to beat Kentucky team for the very first time after both the teams had stopped scheduling each other.

  1. Cincinnati’s Octavius Ellis seemed to have a game tying dunk against St. Joseph’s and lost by 78-76.

  1. Texas A&M over the final 33 seconds used a miraculous 14-2 rally and then also stun Northern lowa during the last minute.

  1. Stephen F .Austin was beaten by Notre Dame by a freshman who had never scored a point in any NCAA tournament.

  1. A game winning 3 pointer was drilled by Wisconsin’s as they crushed Xavier and made it to the sweet 16.

  1. It happened for the first time in 7 years that Villanova made out of the tournament during the first weekend only.
Whatever happened in the first weekend of NCAA tournament 2016 has been just too much for the people to absorb. The tournament was a roller coaster ride. Anytime it can take you up and any time it can throw you down. The excitement never went down and we are looking forward to having several such tournaments in future too.
Are you ready for this weekend thrill? Keep playing with us!

Here's How Many March Madness Bets Will Be Made In 2016

March Madness is the trademark nickname for the 68 team tournament organized annually by NCAA to determine the men’s basketball champion. It is one of the biggest sports event of The United States and attracts a huge amount of revenue for NCAA.
Every year a huge number of college basketball fans make pilgrimage to Las Vegas for the NCAA Tournament. Some fans try their luck to win the betting at their local office pools, but the real gamblers head to the Sin City to throw down the gambling action on individual games as well.
The NCAA tournament stands at the second rank after Super Bowl in terms of betting. The opening two days of the game are the real paradise for gamblers with 16 games to bet upon each day.

Now coming to the question that how much money is bet on March Madness 2016?
Betting is extremely become popular in March Madness event. This figure cannot be determined exactly since so much of betting is done illegally through local bookies.
March Madness 2016 Bracket pools have shown that American’s passion for betting fuels during March and they risk around 3 billion dollars annually.
This year the American Gaming Association has estimated  that 40 million Americans will fill out more than 70 million brackets in advance of Thursday’s opening round and the amount will be approximately 9.2 billion dollar on the NCAA tournament through office pools, Nevada sports book and online. This figure of $9 billion is way more than the double of what AGA has estimated to be the Bet of Super Bowl i.e. $3.9 billion. AGA projects that 40 million Americans will fill out at least one bracket, with the majority filling out two. Average bet per bracket will be $29. As per AGA estimates $7 billion out of the $9 billion betting will be done illegally.

Number of March Madness Brackets Filled (2016, Estimated) vs. U.S. Election Candidates' Popular Vote


Over the past five years $294.6 million has been wagered on basketball during this big dance event.
Kind of March Madness 2016 Betting
The first kind of bet is the Bracket pool. Here a group of friends, family or even strangers submit a bracket pool. The entry fee can be anywhere from 1 dollar to as higher as people are willing to go. These are the most common kind of pools in March madness involving lowest amount of money per person.
The second kind is the Player pool.  Player pools are where you pick the players from different teams and earn points on the basis of how many points the players make. The best way to winning these pools is selecting a player who is going to play a lot of matches in the NCAA tournament.
Third kind is betting on individual games- In these kinds there is a point spread which is a number of points set by the odds maker that the favorite has to win by. If they win by less, a bet on the underdog wins.
The fourth kind is Odds to win the tournament - Here one has to take a team’s odd to win the NCAA tournament. You bet a small amount on a team in the hopes of receiving a big pay.
Betting legally or illegally has been one of the biggest source of revenue for NCAA for years. A huge numbers of Americans to win and lose lots of money during the month of March through betting on basketball and the trend is going to continue this year too and too on a bigger scale than ever.
So are you ready to bet on this big dance show? If yes, then test your destiny here.
Via Fortune

NCAA March Madness 2016 Live Streaming [Free]

Excited to stream March Madness 2016 live on your screen?? Handful of options available to watch this big dance live from anywhere on your phone, phablet or connected TV. Thus, your access to live mad matches is solely depends upon what device you have in pocket or home and which match you doted to get live on your screen. 

March Madness 2016 Live Streaming

Check it out here what is going to suit you and your device best. For additional features available this year have a glance at this NCAA press release.

Live Streaming of Games with Apps

  • March Madness Live Streaming iOS App

 March Madness 2016 has got even better for all of its users. All you need is to watch this year’s tournament from the official NCAA March Madness 2016 Live app that can be downloaded from the TV OS App Store. From there, one can immediately start streaming their favorite games for free.
The NCAA March Madness Live app is available for apple iOS devices, as well, and the same restrictions apply. One can download it from the Apple store.
  • March Madness Live Streaming Windows App
 NCAA March Madness 2016 Live Streaming is also now available for Windows 10 users and it is also free to download which is beginning today in the Windows Store. All the new universal Windows app is a part of the broader partnership with the NCAA and to bring the action of March Madness to Windows device fans.
  • March Madness Live Streaming Windows 10 App
 NCAA March Madness 2016 Live Streaming for Windows 10 is now ready to deliver every round, layup; 3-pointer and slam-dunk of this year’s NCAA Tournament live. Now download this app for access to live-stream video of all the 67 tournament games and there’s also a temporary preview period; after that, login would be required to view live game streaming.
This latest version of the app, is now ready for Windows 10 and also available across all Windows devices including from PCs to phones, and has a responsive design which looks great no matter which Windows device you’re using. There is a fantastic support for Live Tiles, and also an action center which sends you push notifications about your favorite teams – so that you can never really leave the action, no matter where you are.

Live Streaming of Games on Web

All 2016 March Madness games are now streaming live on the official March Madness website, and as well as CBS Sports. The whole three hours of content from truTV, TNT, and TBS are available before you’re asked to connect. But if you’re willing to use a VPN service, you can get off this limitation by switching servers for every three hours. It is a pain, but if you are a cord cutter it can be the cheapest way to go about streaming all of the games, even though there is one more to go.
The NCAA March Madness is in partnership with the famous ‘Turner Sports’ and ‘CBS Sports’ and is making the tournament completely easy to stream this year. Every game, regardless of its broadcasting place, it can be streamed in one place: 
Just click here NCAA March Madness Live 2016 to access the live game of your interest. This free service is also available on some websites, including: 

Live Streaming of Games with Sling TV

If you have to login from a cable login, you can Airplay the content from any of the broadcasts to an Apple TV directly. This suggests that third-gen Apple TV users can also watch all of the games on the big screen by using this method. The fourth-gen Apple TV users also have the ability to watch two games at once with the exclusive split-screen functionality, so one can never have to choose between two close games. Great ha!
And if cable login is inaccessible to you, get the tournament live on Tru TV, TBS and TNT through most popular Sling TV. For those who are now aware with Sling TV, it’s an online streaming service provider that gives you access to particular channel for a nominal monthly charge.  
You just need to login to Sling account, select the suitable TV package for yourself and enjoy the game. Also, if you are free scheme lover than you can watch out your best tournament week with 7 days free trial of Sling TV. Download Sling app from Google Play Store | iOS App Store

Live Streaming of Games with Connected TV

For all the rival teams, upsets and buzzer beaters, for scores and schedules, the teams and game notifications and recaps, live streaming and matches are available on NCAA March Madness 2016 Live for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku where you can get every alert on when the action starts – right up until that final point, heart-pounding moment is then, when once the Champion is declared.

The live, entertaining NCAA 2016 Tournament keeps you up-to-date on how things are gaining the progress from game to game, and also a special Live Alerts notification which tip you off to upsets, overtimes, and close games and, every day matches. You can get up-to-the-minute statistics and notifications of the game too.
The NCAA March Madness 2016 Men's Basketball tournament began from 16th March eve . You’ve got your perfect chance; your snacks, and you should get ready to cheer on your favorite teams. There is all the way we revealed to live stream this year’s 68 games at home or anywhere, on the big screen or a small screen device. Looking for best deals, freebies and coupons on March Madness, we've covered them all here.

NCAA March Madness 20167. "March Madness" is the trademark of NCAA and We're not Associated with them in any way.